MORGAN supports the training requirements of U.S. and coalition military clients, U.S and state government agencies, as well as corporate management training and healthcare rehabilitation. MORGAN has developed full capability to provide a comprehensive array of cultural and language training services and solutions to address a broad range of client needs, including those in the following categories:

A. Role Players and Pre-Deployment Training

B. Cultural Immersion and Classroom Training

C. Language Instruction

MORGAN Language Services Corporation provides training in the field and in the classroom. Each program is designed with the client to ensure that the training objectives are satisfied and exceeded. Often, our programs include full immersion exercises in recreated villages populated with ethnic role players. Others are based on interactive classroom exercises and briefings or computer-based instruction and assessments. Our flexibility, resourcefulness, authenticity and reliability have earned us consistent praise from our clients, some of who refer to us as the "point-and-click" solution for their training requirements.

Beginning in 1985, MORGAN began employing the use of role playing to provide instruction in Russian, French and English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) to international executives from IBM, Citibank / Citigroup, and other corporate clients. Today, MORGAN offers customized programs designed to meet the unique cross-cultural training needs of the U.S. military, as well those of Fortune 500 executives and government employees preparing for posts overseas.